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Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

About it:

DLA is an allowance given to the disables who should be provided with personal care or who have problems walking or both. The money is not taxed by the government. The fund’s purpose is to enable one meet the extra cost that disabled people incur in their day to day lives. It may be used to get person to care after you and such. The amount one gets depends on the severity of the disability and how much one really needs. The lowest weekly amount may be 21.80 euros which can be got by people who need help with lesser issues such as their cooking or activities during part of their days.

A medium weekly amount of 55.10 euros is given to those who need frequent help though not at all times. They may need to be checked on most times in the day and at times in the night. An example may be a sick person on dialysis. The greatest amount one can get in a week is 82.30 euros and is given to those whose case is really severe and need constant supervision during the day and night, or those with terminal illnesses. The amounts are payable every for weeks and are deposited in to one’s bank account.


Who is eligible for DLA:

Both children and adults are eligible to DLA. The conditions for both cases do vary. For adults who need someone to care for them, one can get the funds if:

- They are in need of basic services such as being dressed, being fed, using the toiled, washing or even communicating.

- If one can put themselves in danger and need someone to look out for them so as to avoid this.

- If one is on dialysis and is at home and does not have anyone to look after them.

- If one cannot prepare themselves a main meal.

- If you live alone and have no one to take care of you.

- If one can’t walk on their own or has problems after walking through short distances. One can get the funds too if they have no feet.

- If one is restricted to bed rest or can fall ill in case they try to walk.

- If one is declared totally blind or 80% deaf, or if one needs to be with a person when outdoor, then you can apply for the funds.

A child below 16 years who has mobility problems or needs to be taken care of is also entitled to this allowance. The amount may go from 21.80 euros to 139.75 euros a week. The child qualifies for the money if:

- They live in in Great Britain or Switzerland at the time that they are applying for the funds, except for those whose relatives are in the forces.

- If the child is over 3 years old, he/she child must have stayed in Great Britain for 2 of the last 3 years.

- The child must not have any issues with immigration control

Applying for DLA:  

To get the allowance, one needs a passport or a birth certificate. One can also use bank statements or the life insurance policy. All one needs to do is fill the DLA claim form which is available online. In case of any terminal illness, one needs to attach a medical report to the form. In case one already has DLA, they may apply for PIP too.

The conditions for getting this funds is that one must use them for their intended purposes and that one should inform the authorities in the case that their conditions get better or else they might be penalized.