Posted on: Fri, 03/25/2016 - 03:53 By: admin

Ideas to stay active with a disability

Being disabled doesn’t mean that you should stop working out, or going outdoor. It is a common feeling that one should alienate himself/herself from other people as a person’s esteem may get affected. But this is normal and one should fight it. Go out, mingle and engage in fun outdoor activities, eat well and exercises because after all, you still need to stay healthy and keep your mind busy.

- Hit the gym

There are gyms meant for people with special needs. If you meet the threshold they need, then you can certainly register as a member. The gym also helps you interact with other new people like you and this may help boost your morale and esteem. For those in wheel chairs, they can decide to focus on the upper body or even the arms. In the long run, there is everything for everyone on the gym.

- Go swimming

Just like the gym, swimming pools have provision for the disables or those with special needs. Swimming is probably the best sport for you as it focuses not only on the legs and arms but in all parts of the body. It keeps all the muscles busy. Anyone can swim to even without legs or arms. The water also helps someone relax his/her mind. For those on wheel chairs, it is a great way to get freedom to move.

- Eat healthy

You can consult a dietician for this. They may help you know what nutrients you need the most, what you should stop eating and what foods you should lay emphasis on. This may help you get stronger and more cheerful. Vitamins are the most recommended foods by doctors hence one should get his/her vegetables and fruit portions right. Reduce on you calorie intake and also the amount of salt you take.

- Go for walks

One doesn’t have to lift heavy things or run so as to feel rejuvenated or stronger. You may choose to walk in case your disability limits you to do other activities. Walks help stretch on muscles and also strengthen other tissues. This can be done better with a friend or a relative.

- Play chess or other board games

The brain also needs to remain fully active and functional. Its working can be boosted using such games as chess or even scrabble. It even gives you the opportunity to interact with other people. You can even go ahead and form a chess or scrabble group for the disabled. This will go a long way in improving one’s interaction with others and improving the brain’s capabilities.

Exercises will have a lot of benefits for one apart from just making you stay active. They give you the strength you need to move around, lowers fatigue levels, improves one’s moods, improve the functioning of the heart, improve how well one thinks, gives one the feeling of being independent and improves how well the person sleeps. Some of these benefits may take long to come while other are noticed immediately.

Be careful to avoid drugs such as alcohol or cigarette smoking as they will only serve to deteriorate one’s health. Before engaging in physical activities, it is important for one to consult their doctor and get advice on how much exercise they should engage in, what they should do and what may be harmful to them. Be careful with what you do and remember to start small and keep growing. Be gentle with yourself at first and celebrate every progress you make. All this would give one a sense of achievement.