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Resources for people with disabilities in the UK

Disabled people are increasingly being empowered as economies grow. This is because most economies, such as the UK, believe that everyone forms an integral part in any society and no one should be left behind as time goes. These people are therefore increasingly being supplied with resources to help them better their lives and at the same time help in expanding the economy.

With the general elections fast approaching in the UK, the government is doing much to ensure it meets it brings to life the promises it made to the disabled while the competitors for the next election are building manifestos that focus more on people with disabilities. Statistics show that less than 50% of those with disabilities have jobs. Considering this fact, and the fact that they get an extra cost to maintain themselves, these hinder the economy in a major way. This is why policies are being put in place and resources are being provided to ensure that they play their role in building an economy. Some of the resources they get include:

- The disability living allowance. This are funds given to the disabled to help them meet the extra cost they incur to meet their needs. This was to be implemented between 2013 and 2016. It can be accessed by both children and adults.

- Grants for the disabled. This are funds given by the government through the local council to disabled people that is meant to help them make their houses and homes friendly to their living and compatible to their needs.

- For those looking to hold major government offices such as be in the UK parliament, a police and crime commissioner, a mayor or being in the Greater London Assembly, they are entitled to elected office funds between 250 and 40,000 euros. This funds are not for campaigning but for catering for disability related costs.

- An attendance allowance is given to those over 65 years to help them cater for their needs. The amount you get depends on the extent of your disability and the care you need. If this is not sufficient then the one caring for you can apply to get a Carer’s allowance to help you.

- If one is injured, falls ill or gets disabled while working or while on a training approved by the government, then they are entitled to industrial injuries disablement benefits. The amount one gets will depend on the extent of damage done.

- If an injury makes you not earn as much as you used to earn before the incident, then one should get a reduced earning allowance which is fixed at 66.40 Euros each week.

- In the case that one gets severely injured or disabled such that it renders them completely unable to work, then they are entitled to the severe disablement allowance. The amount is fixed but may change in case one gets better though. The amount will not change in the case that one volunteers to work, earns less than 20 euros a week or works less than 16 hours a week getting less than 101 euros.

- A vaccine damage payment is given to those who get disabled due to a vaccination program. The amount is fixed at 120,000 euros. This amount will however affect other benefits such as the working tax credit, pension credit, universal credit, income support and the child tax credit. One should therefore let the authorities know in case they get the vaccine damage payment.

One can use a benefits calculator which is free online to calculate the amounts they are entitled to in the case are or get disabled. The amounts depend on one’s savings, income, existing benefits, tax bills and outgoings such as rent and mortgages.