Having lived with a disability for many years, I decided to set up a website that would allow anyone in a similar position to me to have access to a range of blog posts and articles that will give them a range of different information sources in the hope that in some way the articles and posts will help them improve their life style and the way they live their lives.

Whilst it is of course true to say that anyone with any type of disability will have their own personal challenges, the idea behind this website is to cover a full spectrum of different disabilities and as such finding help, support or just general information would be easier to do.

We want you to become a regular visitor to this website and as such we have designed this site in such a way that you can actively take get involved in it by leaving comments, feedback and even suggestions on any blog posts or articles loaded up on this site, so please do consider doing so.

You will also find lots of resources on this website that can and will point you in the right direction if you need any support, help or assistance with living with any type of disability. Gone are the days when anyone with a disability had to suffer in silence and we are hopefully going to help your life to the max with many of our articles and blog posts!

Should you be looking for any type of appliances, devices or anything that you can make use of to make your life a little easier then you will also find listed throughout this website a range of different companies who specialize in all manner of different things which you can use at home, such as chairlifts, bathing aids, furniture and kitchen appliances and much more so please do have a good look around.

We do hope you enjoy your visit to this website and we do hope you return again to make use of some of the additional information that we are always adding to this site. However, we would like to point out our website is fully protected by copyright.

That means that all of the images, all of the written content and any additional logos cannot be copied or replicated in any way shape or form unless you have go our explicit permission to do so, please email us if you do want additional information regarding any part of our website.