Welcome to the Disability Living

Posted on: Tue, 06/21/2016 - 09:10 By: Quinn L. Tomes

Welcome to the Disability Living website, we invite you to have a good look around this site as we are confident that there will be a range of topics that you will have an interest in.

We do cover a large range of different topics relating to disability throughout this site, and as such an overview of some of those topics are listed below. However, keep in mind we update this site regularly and as such please do keep on checking back for new updates.

Disability Living – This website will be bringing you information not only as someone who is living with any disability but also for people living with or caring for someone with a disability. We have many individual articles which are dedicated to disability living and we are commited to updating regularly.

Grants and Finance – Many people who have some form of disability can often find it difficult to get loans or access to finance, we have a section dedicated to both grants and finance, and as such if you have been experiencing problems getting finance please do make full use of that part of our site.

Benefits and Welfare Payments – The way in which benefits payments are worked out is always changing and that can often pose a lot of hardship and worry for disabled people and often their carers or partners. We have been looking at welfare and benefit payments recently and are always updating that section of our website to reflect any recent changes.

Support Groups – There are certainly plenty of places where you can seek help and support for a very large range of different disabilities. We have listings of a large number of groups and organisations who offer confidential and free support services so please do make use of our directory if you rare looking for any type of hep or support, and there are many places you can turn to.

Activities and Days Out – You will always find plenty of activates that you can take part in and enjoy even if you do have any type of disability, and we have always had a keen interest in promoting as many of those activates as we can find to showcase to you.

Please do consider spending some time doing a few things that you may never have even thought about doing before, for even if you do have a disability of any type you will always enjoy those activities and will never be barred from taking part in any of them.

Magazines and Publications – We have also been very busy recently putting together a listing of as many publications, whether magazines or newspapers that will be of interest to everyone, and as such please do have a good look around if you are seeking any additional printed media which covers a very wide range of disability interests.

Laws and Regulations – One final section to this DLCC website that is important is the part in which we take a look at laws and regulations that affect disabled people. There is no excuse these days for anyone with a disability to be left out or excluded from doing anything and that is why laws and regulations have been put into place to stop discrimination.

Please do feel free to checkout that part of the website, however do keep checking back regularly after your first visit to this site as we are always updating it with additional information that we do know a lot of our website visitors will be interested in reading.

Also if you have any questions or have any feedback relating to this site then please do feel free to get in touch with us or if you like we will let you post feedback and any suggestions on our individual blog posts, so please do actively get involved in this website as with your help it will become even bigger.